Our One World Festival, hosted by our Business students, is in full swing! The event is completely planned and organised by our students as part of their studies. This year all proceeds will go to the College’s Chosen Charity of the Year, Young Minds. 

BTEC Business students bring learning to life by planning both the event and their business. This year each group came up with a themed business idea based on a country for the cultural festival.  They developed a planning portfolio detailing their business profile, market research, event planning, pricing, and contingency plans, as they would working on a real-life project.

Foods and activities are on offer throughout the morning today, and staff and students are helping our students to develop their customer service skills whilst supporting a valuable cause. The businesses are offering a huge range of diverse products and activities, from henna and homemade curry to luxury hot chocolate and pizza. The photo gallery below shows some of the unique stalls on offer. 

Laura Slevin, Teacher of Business comments: “Our students have worked hard to create a really professional event, with some exciting products and activities available. BTEC Business studies helps students to apply theory in real life contexts, and develop practical skills and knowledge. They have worked hard to host a fantastic event, and we look forward to sharing how much we have raised for Young Minds UK.“

The event finishes at the end of lunchtime today (Friday 1st February), 1,15pm. 

One World Festival