Huddersfield New College has launched 'Time to Revise', a special examination support package to help students excel in their exams. This comprehensive programme of events and resources is designed to ensure both academic success and support the emotional well-being of students during the busy exam season.
Time to Revise is a free programme of support for all students sitting examinations. It includes drop-in staffed revision sessions with advice, revision strategies and free resources. Students can also attend these sessions to benefit from a quiet study space. These are in addition to the revision workshops and support sessions offered by individual subject areas.
To support emotional well-being, students can also access yoga and meditation sessions to help manage exam stress, enjoy art therapy or attend tea and chat drop ins with staff. Free exam essentials such as revision flashcards and highlighters are also available. On busy exam days, College will also be handing out free cereal bars and fruit to help fuel students for the day ahead.
All students have been provided with a timetable of available support, and the screens around College provide updates regarding additional support.
Marcus Smith-Connor, Vice Principal comments: “Here at HNC our young people achieve outstanding results. Our Class of 2018 secured a 100% pass rate at A Level and BTEC and a 66% high grade rate (A*-B, or equivalent). Our comprehensive support is a key part of ensuring our young people can achieve their full potential through a balance of challenging them whilst ensuring that they are supported during what we recognise as an often stressful and pressurised time. As we prepare to move into the busy exam period, our Time to Revise programme is now running to support all of our young people to achieve the very best possible grades. We would encourage all students to take advantage of this highly valuable support.”