Huddersfield New College is proud to reveal that the Katelyn Dawson Community Contribution Award in the Examiner Schools Awards has been awarded to our Sports Ambassadors. 

Our Sports Ambassadors were recognised at this week’s awards ceremony for their contribution to the community. As a group, the Sports Ambassadors dedicate over 800 hours of their time to coaching primary school children alone, including through an annual Primary School Sports Day involving hundreds of local children. Students apply for the Ambassador positions voluntarily, and all work undertaken is in their own time. Many also volunteer in local clubs, at the acclaimed West Yorkshire School Games and in a range of other areas such as care homes and hospitals. 

The Ambassadors inspire a whole generation of children to enjoy the benefits of sport and develop a life-long love of sport. They are supported by HNC to develop coaching skills and gain valuable experiences and formal qualifications that support their future ambitions. 

HNC was represented at the ceremony by Jo Caton, Sports Teacher and Leader of the Sports Ambassador Programme and Wayne Russell, Head of Sport. Sports Ambassadors Olivia and Hakan collected the award on behalf of the whole team. 

Jo Caton, who leads the Sports Ambassador Programme says: “We are so incredibly proud of our Sports Ambassadors following them winning this special and much deserved award. Our students commit many hours of their own time to helping change children’s lives by encouraging them to enjoy sport. Their passion for their role and how they get everyone to enjoy getting active is inspirational and genuinely makes a difference to those they work with.  It was a lovely ceremony and particularly so as Olivia was a school friend of Katelyn, who the Community Award is of course in memory of. We will be hosting a special celebration event for our full group of Ambassadors, who have all played their part in winning this accolade. What a fantastic achievement!”