Congratulations on your successful enrolment at Huddersfield New College. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Your HNC. 

Your first day is the start of a new and exciting chapter. It’s also natural to fill a mixture of excitement and nervousness, and our welcoming staff and students will help you settle into College life. 

We asked our Head Students Zoe and Charlotte and our Progress Tutor team for their top tips and what they thought would be good to know ahead of the first day. 

1.    Don’t worry about where to go when you first arrive 
We have plenty of staff and students around to help you navigate your way around – just head to Reception when you arrive and we’ll be there to help 

2.    You can see your timetable from the afternoon of Friday 30th August, and you are welcome to arrive from the start of your first lesson
Your congratulations letter details your log in information so you can access your timetable from the afternoon of Friday 30th August. Lessons start from 8.45am, but you do not have to arrive until the start of your first timetabled lesson. Naturally, you are welcome to arrive earlier if you want to, and if you catch a New College bus you will of course be here for the start of the day. 

Don’t panic if there is something you don’t understand on your timetable, we have a helpdesk where you can speak to our staff face to face available from Monday. 

3.    Coming on a New College bus?
Don’t forget you can confirm your expected pick up times on our website, this is available here. These are dedicated buses for our students, and purchasing a termly or annual bus pass offers you access to significant cost savings on your travel. If for any reason, you don’t have a pass yet you will need to show your membership badge and pay the fare. 

4.    Lunchtime 
We have lots of onsite food options, including hot meals. You can also purchase light bites and sandwiches in Costa Café and Starbucks. Of course, you are also very welcome to bring your own lunch and eat this in one of our social areas – we thank all students for helping to maintain our outstanding environment by placing their rubbish in bins. 

We also have plenty of water coolers around College and encourage you to be kind to the environment and your own pocket by using a refillable bottle! 

5.    Mark your first day with a free photo using our magic selfie mirrors
We hope you will take up the opportunity to capture a memento of your first day by using one of our magic selfie mirrors and taking away your free print. The magic selfie mirror lets you capture your selfie image using a range of props through your reflection in the mirror. 

6.    There’s lots of information to take in, and it’s OK to ask the same question twice!
We understand that induction sees you taking in lots of information and it’s perfectly normal not to remember everything you are told! Don’t hesitate to ask us if you need something clearing up, and remember the Finding Your Feet programme is here if you find yourself needing a little extra help to settle in – that’s completely normal too, please speak to us if you have any worries 

7.    The induction process applies to your lessons too 
Your subjects have an induction period too, this ensures you get to grips with your studies, understand what to expect and get to know your classmates. We understand that sometimes a course may turn out to be not what you expected, which is why we have a short course change request window for all students. Further information will be given about this at induction. 

8.    There is a dedicated badge collection point at enrolment and student helpdesk 
If you haven’t got your membership badge for any reason, you’ll be able to collect this on your first day from the LRC. Staff will direct you on the day to this. All our students are given a badge and branded lanyard completely free of charge as part of their welcome to HNC. 

Our Head students Zoe and Charlotte will be running a helpdesk, so feel free to ask them any questions or simply pop along to say hello. 

9.    We have roadworks outside of College, these will be completed soon but please take care 
There are currently roadworks outside of College which may add time to your journey to College – we expect them to be completed soon. Access and exit to College remains the same. However, please take care when exiting College as our exit is not controlled by lights.

10.    Finally, have fun! 
Our experience is about far more than the academic! We also want you to enjoy your time with us, so don’t miss out on the fun side of life at HNC. You’ll find out all about this through induction, including our Freshers’ Fair on Monday 9th September. 

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