Huddersfield New College has revealed more about the unique and inspirational guest lecturers that will be visiting HNC in the run-up to Christmas as part of the College’s Aspire programme.

The Aspire programme ensures that students with the academic potential to secure places at world-leading universities including Oxford and Cambridge do so. The programme gives HNC students the competitive edge with a unique range of support and enrichment, including a fortnightly lecture series.

Delivered within the College’s dedicated Lecture Theatre, these visiting speakers build students’ cultural capital, spark new interests, and helps them prepare for the world of higher education. 

This year’s cohort have attended a special launch event, and in the run-up to the Year 11 Open Event, HNC is sharing details of the speaker programme up to Christmas. Students will hear from:

•    Arthur Hallifax: Stories, myths and dreams – The reality of the unconscious in everyday life – a Jungian perspective (7th October)

•    Dr Afshin Shahi – Exploring the link between eco-disasters and global conflict (21st October)

•    Dr Maria Haley – Ancient herstories: inspiring women for our times (11th November)

•    Dan Hanlon: Existential despair in the films of Michelangelo Antonioni and Michael Mann (25th November) 

Scott Townshend, Aspire Programme Lead comments: “Our fortnightly lecture series is a key part of our programme and helps to give students the cultural capital they will need as they prepare to progress to world leading universities. Our Aspire programme is a dynamic and unique package of support that ensures our students excel. I look forward to hearing feedback as we enjoy helping our Aspire students to expand their horizons with our fascinating range of speakers and topics. We also hope this will inspire their topics for their forthcoming Extended Project Qualifications.”

If you're in Year 11, don't miss our Open Event where you can find out more about the Aspire programme and how HNC will ensure you achieve your ambitions.