Huddersfield New College has been named as the national FE Leadership Academy of the Year in the Sports Leaders Awards. This prestigious award recognises how HNC has gone above and beyond to deliver exceptional courses, which not only support the progression of young people, but also make a difference to the local community. Representatives from Sports Leaders joined Sports Ambassadors and HNC staff at a celebratory presentation on Tuesday 5th November. 

Sports students at HNC can opt for a range of additional qualifications such as the Level 2 and Level 3 Qualifications in Sports Leadership, and the College is one of a handful of Sports Leaders Academies, which recognises how HNC is a flagship training centre and has Sports Leaders Leadership Academy status. This means as a College HNC can demonstrate how these qualifications help students to achieve their ambitions, and that there are clear links to future employers and experiences that support students to succeed. 

Hundreds of students have gained their additional awards and qualifications from HNC, and gained key skills such as resilience, confidence, communication whilst having impact upon the local community. Students opting for their Leadership Qualification for example lead activities for local primary school children and can apply to be part of the prestigious Sports Ambassadors programme. This sees them championing the positive impact of physical activity, volunteering well over 800 hours as a group per year in the local community. 

Now HNC has been named as the FE College Leadership Academy of the Year in recognition of the results students achieve, and the impact of the Sports Ambassadors programme both upon students and the children they support. 

Jamie Marsden, Director of Sport comments: “We are absolutely thrilled that the work of our Sports Ambassadors has been recognised by this award, and how the experiences we offer such as volunteering and paid employment both locally and internationally ensure our students can achieve their ambitions. The opportunity to undertake an additional Sports Leaders qualification is so much more for our young people than an additional line on their CV. Students grow in confidence, are more resilient and even improve their communication skills – all whilst helping the local community.”

Rob Watson, Sports Leaders UK says: “It was a privilege to meet some of the Sports Ambassadors undertaking Sports Leaders qualifications at the awards presentation. HNC delivers an impressive range of qualifications which make a huge difference to the young people undertaking them, and of course to those who benefit from the voluntary work the students undertake as part of this! HNC is a deserving winner of our FE College Leadership Academy of the Year, and we look forward to hearing more about how these extra qualifications are transforming the futures of the students undertaking them.”