Huddersfield New College students who are applying for Oxbridge Universities have been preparing for the highly competitive interview process with a unique package of support. 

Students who are part of the Aspire programme receive specialist support and information about applying to Oxbridge Universities as they join in Year 12. The Aspire programme is a package of support, opportunities and experiences for students who demonstrate the academic potential to apply for world leading universities. 

Of course, not all students choose to apply to Oxbridge, but students with the potential to apply are given the opportunity to explore what is on offer, alongside being able to investigate other world class universities. This year five Year 13 students are aspiring to Oxbridge university – which is renowned for its competitive and exhaustive interview process.

The group have received a range of support and challenge including mentoring and practice for the formal entrance exam, a mock interview with a visiting expert for their chosen subject, and this week they all have had an overall interview mirroring the experience they can expect. HNC Principal Angela Williams, herself a graduate of the University of Oxford, has been hosting these and putting applicants through their paces.

These interviews have seen them looking at their subject from a research perspective, responding to an academic extract and debating how current affairs impact on their area of expertise. 

Scott Townshend, Aspire Programme Lead comments: “The group have certainly have had a challenging couple of weeks. However, competition for places at both Oxford and Cambridge is notoriously fierce, and our students have of course done incredibly well to be preparing for this stage in their application – tens of thousands of students apply to Oxbridge every year. Our bespoke package of support is designed to help them successfully prepare for the famously inventive and sometimes unorthodox questions they can expect at interview. We are supporting our talented students to stand out from the crowd and we wish them the best of luck as they prepare for their formal interview.”