Students studying A Level Physics and BTEC Applied Science recently enjoyed a day of phenomenal Physics with a visit to the Physics in Action conference at the University of Salford. 

This full day of talks from leading experts gave students the chance to be inspired, challenged and see a range of experiments across the breadth of Physics. 

Topics included The SI Redefined by Michael de Podesta who covered more about changes in the definitions of the kilogram, ampere, kelvin and mole. Students also heard about building Physics and how these can be used to manipulate a build’s indoor and outdoor environments. There was a unique look at how Physics can explain diverse singing styles whilst the Science of Superconductors shared more how powerful magnets are changing our future. Astrophysicist Jen Gupta shared a fascinating insight into how the universe is possibly infinite, and the unsolved mysteries facing Astrophysicists today. 

Dave Benson, Teacher of Science and the College’s STEM Lead says: “This day featured world-class speakers who demonstrated just how fascinating and exciting the study of Physics is. Students were absolutely enthralled in these talks, and revelled in the chance to see the standard kilogram mass silver ball fabricated out of a single crystal of silicon. If you want to know just why this is so fascinating and groundbreaking, then you should speak to any of our students or consider studying the subject yourself.  Physics can lead to some incredible destinations, and the speakers delivered some unique presentations that not only inspired our students, but broadened their wider knowledge. This was a thought provoking day and certainly got our students thinking about where their Physics journey could take them!”

In Year 11? Don’t forget you can find out more about the study of Physics and opportunities such as these at our Open Event on Saturday 23rd November from 10am until 1pm. 


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