Huddersfield New College has revealed that from next week students and staff will be formally signing up to the HNC Green Pledge, and playing their part in tackling climate change by taking small steps that make a big difference.

The College has been working hard to become a greener College, and support students to understand the issues surrounding climate change. As part of the pledge students and staff will be asked to commit to taking five simple steps including:

1.    Ditching the disposables, including bringing their own cup or refillable cup to College 
2.    Recycling all items where possible 
3.    Reducing their footprint by making informed choices about purchases and buying second-hand where possible
4.    Having a meat free Monday (or any other day) to help tackle one of the biggest contributors to green house gases
5.    Being a travel hero and walking, cycling or car sharing where possible 

Throughout the year staff and students will be given ideas and support to meet the pledge, starting with a campaign for a Big Green Christmas. Staff and students will be avoiding buying crackers, sending eCards where possible, donating to an environmental charity instead of running a secret santa and being more aware consumers when buying gifts.  

The College is taking a number of steps to support the pledge more widely, with a new Green Group looking to plant over 300 trees, boost recycling levels in College and making all activity as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Marcus Smith-Connor, Vice Principal says: “We know that tackling climate change may seem overwhelming but a few small steps by many has huge impact. The pledge includes things we can all do with just a few changes in our habits, and we are delighted to be launching our pledge in the run-up to Climate Strike Day. This is a key issue for students and indeed our Hustings event saw students quizzing the political parties about what steps they would take to tackle the climate crisis. Here at HNC we work to help our students and staff be respectful, engaged citizens and these simple steps help everyone to care for our planet within their daily lives. Our Big Green Christmas is about maintaining the fun of the festive season whilst playing our part in caring for the environment and we're looking forward to hearing what ideas staff and students have for making the season both green and festive! As a College we know we have lots of improvements to make too so that we are more environmentally responsible, and we look forward to sharing more about these developments over the coming months.”