Huddersfield New College today hosted a Hustings event to allow students the opportunity to hear from local political candidates and ask their questions. 

With candidates from the Liberal-Democrat, Labour, Conservative, UKIP, Brexit and Green parties, along with an Independent Candidate in attendance, students experienced the broad spectrum of political manifestos and viewpoints and were able to ask the candidates their burning questions. 

These were varied, from asking about the current Prime Minister’s controversial comments on sexuality, to their standing on Brexit and what they would do to address the current climate crisis. Students also quizzed the candidates about how they could know they could trust a party promise, and even who they would vote for should they not be able to vote for their own party.  There was some heated debate between the candidates themselves about party policies, and some passionate speeches about why the candidates themselves were standing for election. 

Following this, HNC will host a mock election on Thursday 5th December complete with a dedicated polling station and booths. Led by the Politics students in conjunction with the Kirklees Outreach Team, this will help students to explore why using their vote – even if they choose to spoil a ballot paper – is so critical and an essential way they can use their voice. On the evening of the election itself, Politics students will be in College all through the night analysing results.

Scott Townshend, Teacher of Politics and event organiser says: “Our Hustings event allowed students to experience a broad spectrum of political views and manifestos and ask their burning questions. Politics affects every aspect of our lives, and using your democratic voice is a key way to achieve change. Imagine if the third of the population who didn’t vote in the last General Election had – we could be living in a very different political world right now! At times the debate was heated, and it was a real experience for students to be able to see both experienced and newly standing candidates in action. I would like to thank all of the candidates for including a visit to HNC in their campaign schedule, and showing how their vote and voice can change the world we live in. We shall now see if the choice of HNC reflects the national results on 12th December!”