Huddersfield New College has revealed that students and staff have been busy collecting for the Welcome Centre in Huddersfield, and have this morning (Wednesday 11th December) made two huge deliveries to the centre’s foodbank point. 

Led by the Early Years department, all of the HNC community has been contributing items to a whole College collection with a particular focus upon the items the Welcome Centre currently report a shortage of. 

Staff and students have collected for the Welcome Centre over the past two years, but this year has been the biggest collection yet. As a local charity helping families and individuals in crisis, last year it handed out over 14,000 crisis packs to local families alone. Early years students often work with vulnerable families, and the Welcome Centre has a natural link for our students as future professionals who may be supporting families to access their help and advice, and of course as a key community organisation. Some of the Early Years students are pictured above helping to load the car for the first delivery - the result of a collective effort from the whole HNC community.

This year HNC has been encouraging staff to enjoy a Big Green Christmas and reduce their impact on the environment during the festive celebrations, and as part of this, many teams have chosen to purchase additional foodbank items rather than sending Christmas cards. 

Jill Ferguson, Teacher of Early Years comments: “The generosity of staff and students has been overwhelming. It was a pleasure to not pack my large car full to bursting not once, but twice! This year as a department our students and staff have been working hard to raise the profile of the Welcome Centre within College to make our donation this year the largest yet. We were able to make a big delivery thanks to the collective efforts of  our whole College community. We hope that the families receiving support from the centre this year enjoy the festive period and find it a little bit easier than they would have otherwise, and as a department we’d like to thank all of our staff and students who have helped make our 2019 delivery a very heavy but of course very welcome one!”

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