Huddersfield New College recently welcomed June Graham from Greenpeace who ran a series of inspiring presentations to help students understand more about the current climate change crisis and the consequences, the work of Greenpeace, and what they can do to make a difference and help reverse the effects of climate change on the planet. 

Each group joined June to hear about the reasons behind the current climate change crisis and some of the frightening facts around this such as between 2030 – 2050 climate change is expected to cause an additional 250,000 deaths worldwide. However, the speech was not just about the problems but also the solutions to creating a green and peaceful world. 

Greenpeace visited HNC to help students understand why supporting the actions outlined in the HNC Green Pledge are so important, and how they can take control of the future of the planet by making often very simple changes such as upgrading lightbulbs and washing clothes in cold water. As part of tutorial, all students were able to join a talk to hear from June. 

June Graham says: “I was delighted to speak to hundreds of young people at HNC, and to be able to share more about how the commitments they are making as part of the HNC Green Pledge will genuinely make a difference. Raising awareness of the issues we have and how everyone can take action now is so incredibly important.”

Catherine Cushnie, Director of Pastoral comments: “We’d like to thank June for taking the time to run so many sessions for our students. Although the facts around climate change are frightening, June’s presentation really helped our students to see that they can take responsibility for their planet and how making some simple changes like eating less meet and helping our tree planting scheme can genuinely make that difference. Our young people are active, responsible citizens and we look forward to continuing as a College to take the future of the planet in our own hands.”

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