Huddersfield New College Deputy Head Student Ziyaad Lambat joined the Leap Into Climate Action Conference to speak about the work HNC is doing as a community to tackle the climate change crisis. 

The event took place on Saturday 29th and brought together individuals, community groups, businesses and the council together to kick-start immediate and effective climate action in Kirklees. Opened by Councillor Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, guests also heard from Sir John Harman, former Leader of Kirklees Council and the Environment Agency. Andy Gouldson, Co-Chair of the Leeds Climate Commission, was also a Guest Speaker at the event, sharing lessons from Leeds.

As Deputy Head Student, Ziyaad represented HNC and shared more about the College’s Green Pledge, and how HNC was supporting students to understand how they can play a part in tackling the climate change crisis. He shared more  about how students were being asked to sign up to five simple pledges which include ditching single use plastics, committing to a meat free day, being a more aware consumer, opting for greener forms of travel and increasing personal recycling levels. Ziyaad spoke from a student’s perspective about how small steps can collectively make a big difference, and the views of his fellow students on the current climate. 

Ziyaad says: “I was very proud to represent HNC at this conference, and share more about how as a College and generation we want to make a difference. Although small steps may not seem much, if we all did them we’d have huge impact and that message is something as a Head Student team we are helping our fellow students to explore and debate. It was great to find out more about what other organisations are doing, and gain some ideas that we can use in our own lives as students and as part of daily College life.”

Sarah Newton, Chair of the College’s Green Group who joined the event with Ziyaad comments: “It was fantastic for HNC to have a presence at this event, and join a range of organisations all working to tackle the current crisis. Ziyaad was a fantastic speaker, sharing more about the work of HNC and how he and his fellow students are embracing the Green Pledge as a minimum and making a genuine difference. Soon we will be planting over 300 trees around Campus, and look forward to helping our 2500 strong student body and staff get involved in local climate action.”