Today is the final day of College for our Class of 2020.

In the current pandemic situation, our Class of 2020 has not been able to enjoy the usual celebrations, marking the end of their time at HNC, and the start of new and exciting times at university or in the world of work.

Until it is safe to host a face to face Leavers celebration, the College has released an ‘unofficial’ yearbook for the Class of 2020. Over the past few weeks, our students in Year 13 and their staff have been sharing memories of their time together, in messages and photos, and even in the odd poem! The result is a heartwarming 60 page collection of heartfelt messages and fabulous photos.

The ‘unofficial’ yearbook is in the final stages of print, and will be posted home to all Year 13 students. And whilst we don’t want to spoil the surprise, we would like to give our Year 13 a sneak preview of what to expect. So we have collated a small gallery of some of the messages and photos below.

This ‘unofficial’ yearbook is our ‘thank you’ to our Class of 2020 for being such a wonderful group of young people to work with. Throughout their time at the College, and particularly during this pandemic situation, we have been impressed by their unwavering determination to be the best that they can be, and to achieve their best. They deserve outstanding success in the summer.

As we say farewell (until it is safe to meet again), our Principal Angela Williams would like to share her opening message to the ‘unofficial‘ yearbook:

Class of 2020: we are living through History. Together.

The Covid 19 pandemic will one day be written about in our History books, and we will study life pre and post Covid 19.

 Covid 19 has changed our world. Some of these changes are changes for the better.

For example, pollution has decreased, and in Venice the canal water is clean, and fish have been seen swimming in the water.

 This pandemic has set the stage for more change. It could be a turning point in History. A once in a generation chance to reshape society, and to build a better future.

Right now you probably just want to get through the pandemic. History can give you hope that you will. People in the past have lived through similarly difficult, and often worse times than these, and we are here.

But when the pandemic has passed, my hope, as both an historian and as an educator, is that you, our Class of 2020, seize that chance to reshape your society, and to build a better future: one which you fully deserve.

And one which historians will be writing about in those History books of the future.

Angela Williams OBE

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