Huddersfield New College's (HNC) annual Short Story competition encourages students from across the  College to get creative via the art of story telling. This year's genre was dystopia, and students were asked to write a story in 500 words or less. The students who took part were recently invited to attend a special virtual presentation for this year's competition via Zoom.
The entries this year were of a phenomenal standard and the judges were impressed with the breadth of language, character development and intriguing story lines. Judging the stories was no mean feat as the quality of writing was so high, however there were four stories that the judges came back to again and again.
Congratulations go to Courtney Bostock, who placed first with her short story 'Mouse'. The characters Crick and Mouse live in a post-apocalyptic world known as the 'scrap heap'. Judges were impressed with the character development and the symbolism within the story. In second place came Zoe Ramage with her short story 'The Born and the Made', an emotive piece that looked at the relationship between a 'born' human and their clone, created to fight in a gladiator style arena; judges thought this story was particularly well written.  Third place went to Eleanor Parkes and her story 'The Outside', where the protagonist was given the choice of a death sentence or choosing to take their life into their own hands on the 'outside'. The judges thought this short story really demonstrated the genre of dystopia. Highly commended was Anisha Igbal's story 'Logbook', which explored authoritarian rule in a world where people were ranked according to their IQs. Judges particularly enjoyed the diary entry format of this piece, a creative take on the short story. All students who entered a story were presented with a special certificate, and their stories have been featured in our annual Short Story Anthology.
Angela Williams, Principal, commented "Though it was no easy job to decide on the final four, it was a privilege to be a part of the judging panel and to be able to read these well-crafted short stories written by HNC students. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one, and every student who took the time to craft and write their stories should be proud of their effort. I hope that our entrants found the opportunity to be creative helpful during this remote learning phase. And I hope I hear more from these talented writers in the future".
You can read the stories in our special virtual anthology here. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.
In Year 10? You can take part in our Short Story competition too- find out more by clicking here.


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