Many students at Huddersfield New College today are celebrating with their family and friends their A Level and Advanced Vocational awarded grades, and their successful progression to some exciting next steps, despite the ongoing maelstrom over these awarded grades.


Yesterday was a truly unique A Level Results Day. Whilst usually Huddersfield New College’s campus would be buzzing with excited students, and their family and friends, sharing their delight with our teachers, about fantastic hard earned results, this year those celebrations for students, and their families and friends, took place at home, and the Campus was eerily quiet.


And despite the ongoing maelstrom about awarded grades, there was still lots to celebrate.

A 100% pass rate for BTEC and 99.4% pass rate for A Level, with a 67% High Grade Rate (A*-B or equivalent), placing the College in the top 20% nationally for student progress on Advanced Level qualifications.

And throughout the day, students and their proud parents were contacting the College to share their good news stories.

You can read some of the good news stories from students like Jak and Noah who are progressing to Oxford University here – and over the next week we will be publishing a special online gallery showcasing the many fantastic achievements and destinations of our other leavers.

Obviously, with a 39.1% downgrading nationally of Centre Assessed Grades for A Levels, not all of our A Level students secured the awarded grades their hard work over two years deserved. And for some this did place their progression plan from the College in jeopardy.

This is why it is so important that as a College we support the growing lobby to revise urgently the way in which the awarded grades were determined at a national level; an imperfect moderation process, based on a flawed Ofqual algorithm, which could not take sufficient account of the individual student, and their individual performance.

And whilst this lobby hopefully grows and gains momentum across the country, and meets with success, our immediate priority at Huddersfield New College is to support these individual students, quite rightly angry with this flawed process, and disappointed with their awarded grades, to make the best decision they can now about what to do next, whilst getting ready to appeal on their behalf against these unfair awarded grades, when Ofqual share with us how we can appeal, and this is what we will be doing as a College over the next few days and weeks.

Angela Williams OBE, Principal comments: “Yesterday was a Results Day like no other in my long career. It was both a day of joy and of despair. And I was so incredibly proud that whether it was with joy or despair that our students contacted us about their awarded grades, they did so with dignity, and with a determination that whatever their awarded grades, they would be used to the best advantage possible to get them to where they wanted to be next. The Class of 2020 will be one that we all remember, and for me, the most abiding memory of the Class of 2020 will be their resilience, and how they have not let these strange times, and a global pandemic, diminish their ambition for a bright future. I wish them every happiness and success in this future. They richly deserve it.”


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