Huddersfield New College students are currently settling back into their studies on Campus and adjusting to life in a Covid-19 secure environment. Our teachers are enjoying being able to see students in the classroom again, and with many students discovering new skills during lockdown, hearing more about these!

Students undertaking our Early Years courses develop a deep understanding of how resources can be used to promote children’s learning and development. One student, Maria Anjam, has combined the creative skills she developed in lockdown with her studies to create some beautiful bespoke learning resources for the children she will be supporting on placement.

Maria who says she ‘wasn’t very good at sewing’  has been taught how to sew and knit by her mum during lockdown. She has then created resources including babies’  booties with numbers on and hung them on a washing line for ordering, made soft dice and pyramids with numbers and dots on to develop one to one number correspondence and shape recognition. She has also created finger puppets from felt to use when story telling. She also made an interactive book (pictured above) for children to use with each page linking to a children’s development objective such as learning how to tie shoelaces or complete a weaving activity.  

Jill Ferguson, teacher of Early Years comments: “Maria has combined her knowledge of how a variety of resources can be used to support children’s learning and development with the skills she developed in lockdown to create some absolutely stunning resources .  As well as being beautifully handmade, each one links directly to something a child will learn, such as number recognition or tying their shoelaces.  Our students have remained committed to their studies throughout lockdown, and this is a wonderful example of how a new lockdown skill developed during the pandemic will help our young people during their long term professional career. Many of our students progress to careers as early years or primary school teachers, and Maria’s clear passion for supporting children to grow and develop shines through in these resources she has developed in lockdown.”

Health & Social Care and Early Years

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