Huddersfield New College is currently encouraging students and staff to understand how ‘Every Mind Matters’ and is promoting the importance of being kind to ourselves and each other in these challenging times, and ways to protect and support mental well-being under the 'Every Mind Matters @ HNC' programme.


The College is running a programme of virtual events, alongside continuing to provide a range of support both for students and staff who may need it. Students and staff can expect to see a wide range of upcoming mental well-being advice, services and support under the College’s ‘You Matter @ HNC' brand.  One of the ways students and staff are being encouraged to stay well is through ensuring they have both a healthy body and mind, and the College is promoting that although restrictions are in place there are still many opportunities to exercise. The College’s Sports facilities have also reopened with Covid-19 secure measures in place, including the onsite Fitness Suite. 


Head of Social Sciences Claire Forrest has been supporting her own mental and physical well-being and focus during lockdown by running. Claire set herself a target of running 500 miles within six months, and has just celebrated adding the final medal to her virtual run collection and reaching this huge target! Claire, who lives in central Lancashire, has run in a variety of locations including on her Whitby staycation and alongside Blackpool promenade – which secured her virtual ‘Run the Lights’ medal in August.


Claire Forrest, Head of Social Sciences says: “I really enjoy running and find looking after my physical health looks after my mental health in turn. When we entered in lockdown I set myself a challenge of reaching 500 miles in six months by running every other day and taking part in as many virtual races as possible. I achieved my goal in a week short of the deadline and four medals along the way, and have really enjoyed the focus it has given me. Lockdown has been stressful for everyone, but being in lockdown with two teenagers and indulging in my food, I have loved getting out of the house to run. Now I am back to commuting I will be taking a break in the amount I go for a run but I will continue to go at the weekend. I would recommend running to anyone, it really is true it does not matter how fast or slow you go!”


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