Huddersfield New College has revealed that during UK Parliament Week (1st- 7th November) students will be exploring how exercising their right to vote can help to change their future, and how signing up for the Electoral Register now can make sure they are ready to have their voice heard. 

Working in partnership with Kirklees Electoral Outreach Scheme, students at HNC will be taking part in a special session during the week to help them to understand why using their vote means they are having a say in a vast range of local and national issues, and how engaging in the democratic process is a key way to influence how the country runs. 

During this students will be invited to sign up to the Electoral Roll online so that they are ready to use their vote when they become eligible, and they will also be able to learn more about why being on the roll is also important to their day to day lives, such as when opening a bank account and an identity check is required. 

Two ballot boxes will feature in the College’s Reception over the course of Parliament Week as a visual reminder of how registering for the Electoral Roll means that students will then be eligible to use their vote in an election.

Erika Montgomery Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement comments: “Our focus for UK Parliament Week is to help our young people understand that as a collective we decide who is in political power through our vote. Those leading Parliament make the the decisions that affect all our lives, from how much tax we pay to of course decisions such as our response to tackling Covid-19. Registering for the Electoral Roll is a vital step in being able to use our voice, and of course it is an essential part of life when we need an identity check for example. The current pandemic has really reflected how Government takes centralised decisions that affect our daily lives, and we are helping our students to understand how using their vote is a way to have a say on the policies and rules we live by. Democracy is a fundamental British Value, and this week will help our young people to understand their rights, and the responsibility they have to use their vote to shape and influence how the UK is run.”


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