Students studying Health and Social Care at Huddersfield New College recently joined a live Q&A session with a GP. This special session not only helped them to prepare for their upcoming exams, but also understand more about the reality of life as a healthcare professional in a world currently dominated by Covid-19.

Dr Emma Spencer joined the group virtually, sharing more about her experiences as a GP, common misconceptions about her role, more about the key responsibilities of a GP and she also revealed what life is actually like for her on a day to day basis. Students were then able to ask her a wide range of questions, and chose to benefit from Dr Spencer’s expertise and experience by asking a variety of well thought out questions.

The experience is supporting students as they prepare for exam based content looking at the roles of responsibilities of Health and Social Care professionals, and Dr Spencer’s talk supported students to understand more about the role of a GP, and challenge some of the widely held beliefs about what it is like to be a GP.

Zoe Potts, Teacher of Health and Social Care comments: “Our students are busy preparing for their exams, and one component of this is looking at the roles and responsibilities of Health and Social Care professionals. This was a fantastic way to bring this content to life, and address some of the common misconceptions around being a GP and what they do on a day to day basis. Students were fascinated to hear about how Dr Spencer’s role had changed in response to Covid-19, and the challenges that this is presenting to the wider health of patients at the moment. Many of our young people progress to careers in the health and social care profession, and this experience has also helped to build their understanding of the challenges faced by a GP. Many of them will work alongside Doctors in these roles, and this enhanced understanding will support them as they work in partnership with GPs and others in the future. I would like to thank Dr Spencer for giving up her time to support our young people.”

Health & Social Care and Early Years

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