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Huddersfield New College revealed that local MP Jason McCartney recently joined a group of A Level Politics students to share more about his parliamentary role as a MP for Colne Valley and the realities of life as a MP.

Recently HNC participated in Parliament Week, which was an opportunity for students to explore why their vote counts, and how signing up for the electoral register is vital step in having their say. Following this, HNC was invited to welcome a MP to speak to students interested in learning more and as a local elected MP, Jason McCartney kindly volunteered his time to speak to Politics students. 

A Level Politics students learn more about how Politics drives every aspect of our lives, and of course as part of this explore in detail the role MPs play in representing a constituency. Jason’s session was a fantastic opportunity for them to learn more about the democratic process, and what being a MP actually entails. 

Scott Townshend, Head of Humanities says: “Our Politics students are highly engaged with how democracy drives the world around us, and of course often have their own strong political beliefs! However, Jason joined us as our local MP in a non party political session to help students to learn more about what the role actually involves, from the high profile side of the role being part of Parliament and party political decisions, to the key role of representing and dealing with the individual issues of those you represent. It was a fascinating session that helped our young people to hear more about democracy in action, and we would like to thank Jason for giving up his time.”

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