Huddersfield New College today launched a special 12 days of a greener Christmas campaign, encouraging the College community to take small, achievable steps and play their part in tackling climate change.

HNC is working to become a greener College. Students and staff are all invited to sign the HNC Green Pledge which asks students to commit to five simple lifestyle changes including switching to reusable drinks bottles, walking or cycling where possible, having a meat free day a week, recycling more and being a more conscious consumer. Signing the pledge reflects how students are committed to taking some simple steps to being an active, responsible citizen and taking action to tackle the climate change crisis. Although these are simple steps, they can collectively have a huge impact if the College’s 3000 strong student and staff body all take them.

Although Covid-19 has made some aspects of living a greener lifestyle more challenging, there is still much that can be done. The 12 days of Christmas campaign aims to get everyone thinking about being a little greener this festive season. Each day the College will post a new tip on social media, and students and staff can share their tips too by emailing

Green Group staff member Hayley Doyle commented on behalf of the group: “Covid-19 is dominating headlines worldwide, but climate change remains a very real issue we need to tackle. Taking small manageable steps is something we can all do – and if we all do this, then collectively we can make a huge difference! Our 12 days of a greener Christmas campaign is a great example of this, sharing lots of easy things we can all do to care for the environment now and for the future. Many of these tips also save money too, and with the financial impact of Covid-19, this will help us all to not only care for the environment, but our finances  too without any impact on the fun of the festive season.”

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