Huddersfield New College recently paid a special thank you to the team of Covid-19 Safety Champions who work particularly hard to ensure that HNC is a Covid-19 secure place to learn and to work.

The Covid-19 Safety Champions are part of our frontline Estates team and play a central role in keeping the College Campus safe during the day, working throughout the day to keep high volume touched  areas such as door handles, light switches and bannisters, and high volume traffic areas, such as toilets, disinfected and clean. They also ensure that the College community has ample access to essentials such as hand sanitiser and wipes, working throughout the day to ensure the hand  sanitiser stations are refilled. Over the lunch period the team also clean tables and chairs in the dining areas, in between student use, and remind students about the wearing of face masks when moving on.

Although much of their work is unseen, a small token of appreciation was given this week to each member of the team in a student facing role, thanking them personally for their hard work in helping to keep the College safe. They were presented with a voucher for a ‘tea break’ (to include tea or coffee and cake), and also given a reusable drinks cup, which can be used at work to help them to stay hydrated, really important for good physical and mental health. 

HNC is a community that promotes resilience as a life skill and one way to develop resilience is by practising  gratitude – and this is an example of such gratitude. We will also be celebrating the important role these individuals play in College in a special student bulletin coming soon. Pictured above are some members of the team: Michelle Bates, James Helliwell and Joe Knightley.

Angela Williams OBE, Principal comments: “Our Covid-19 Safety Champions, in fact our entire Estates team, are unsung heroes! Much of their work goes unseen by staff or students but it is absolutely vital in ensuring that our College is Covid-19 secure and as safe as is possible for our community. The team also play a key part in gently reminding our students  of the basic Covid 19 safety rules, such as the requirement to wear a face mask when on the move. Whilst we would all like Covid-19 to end soon, so that we do not have to follow these rules, the end is not in sight yet, especially in Kirklees, where Covid 19 cases are in fact still  rising.  The rules that they help to enforce are crucial in helping us to stay safe together on Campus. The front line Covid-19 safety team of the broader Estates team do an amazing job. We very much appreciate their hard work during the College day, and we hope that our small token of thanks for this hard work will be enjoyed!”

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