Huddersfield New College has revealed that over this lockdown period staff and students will be taking part in an epic challenge – to walk, wheel, run or cycle the distance from Huddersfield UK to Huddersfield, Jamaica!

The College is inviting students and staff to complete miles to achieve the ambitious 4000 mile target from now until when the challenge closes on Monday 15th February. Given the clear benefits of exercise to mental health and well-being, HNC hopes lots of students and staff will get involved – and there is also a chance to win some great prizes along the way! Miles will be logged via the free Strava app.

Huddersfield, in the St Mary Parish of Jamaica is just over 4000 miles from Huddersfield, UK and is close to the stunning Dunns River Falls. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Haddersfield’ and it is said to have gained its name after the 33rd Regiment of Foot, recruited from West Yorkshire, were stationed there between 1822 and 1832. Some of the men married and settled here after duty, naming the area as Huddersfield.

Now HNC hopes as a community to travel the distance between Huddersfield and it’s fellow namesake over the coming weeks. All students and staff will be taking a break and enjoying investing in their physical and mental well-being by clocking up some miles towards the ambitious target! Student and staff prizes will be awarded in a range of areas including a prize draw for everyone who takes part (regardless of miles completed) and for photos of scenery taken along any routes.

Anyone who wants to take part can email or to be added to the Strava group which will record any completed sessions. Students can also see Moodle for details of the competitions that are running as part of the challenge.

Kam Rogerson, Assistant Principal comments: “Exercise has proven benefits for both physical and mental well-being. With the closure of Campus, our young people are at home learning virtually and it’s really important that we all look after our well-being by being active and getting out of the house and enjoying the outdoors. Walking, running or cycling are all things we can do safely in the current climate. Even getting out for a short brisk walk can make a big difference, helping us to stay happier and healthier during what we know is a challenging time. This is open to all abilities and fitness levels, and every step really does count when we have so far to go! We look forward to seeing everyone get involved and helping us to achieve our goal whilst also investing in their own well-being.”


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