Huddersfield New College has revealed that Nurse Jillian Webster, a Familial Hypercholesterolemia Specialist Nurse, has been joining Health and Social Care lessons virtually to share more about nursing in real life, and help students to prepare for upcoming assessment on the roles and responsibilities of health care professions.

Jillian specialises in caring for those with familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH), an inherited genetic disorder that can cause early heart disease and lead to premature death but has worked in a range of areas across the Health and Social Care sector, giving students an incredibly valuable insight into life on the front line, and the varied career opportunities on offer.

Her talk focused on sharing more about key responsibilities of a nurse, the skills required, how to promote anti-discriminatory practice and more specialist areas such as how the profession is expected to keep data safe and is regulated. Jillian gave a detailed insight into her specialist role and her career history before answering questions from students.

Teacher Alex Potts says: “Although the pandemic and national lockdown means our lessons are taking place virtually, our students continue to enjoy opportunities to hear from real life professionals working in the field. Many of our students pursue careers in Nursing and it was not only incredibly valuable for them to be able to bring the theory of their studies to life in preparation for their forthcoming assessment, but also a real chance for them to understand more about entering the profession and the varied career paths available to them. We would like to thank Jillian for giving up her time for our students and giving such an inspiring and informative presentation followed by a really engaging Q&A presentation for our groups.”

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