Huddersfield New College students taking part in Journalism enrichment today welcomed a special guest speaker  -  Yorkshire Post Business Report and former student Ismail Mulla.

Ismail ran a virtual session for students who write for the College’s student publication, the HNC Echo. Ismail shared some writing tips, and presented elements of his portfolio to demonstrate to students how his writing had evolved over time. He shared more about how as a Business Reporter he is expected to have versatile skills and produce video content as well as written editorial, and shared more about the realities of life as a writer. He was then quizzed by our students, who asked detailed questions ranging from how they too could secure work experience and how to conduct an interview to how much editorial freedom he felt he had.

Students interested in Journalism, or who simply want to express themselves, are able to write for the HNC Echo and have their work published as part of the College’s enrichment programme. Ismail credits his experiences on the student magazine (then called ‘NC’) as key to gaining some early skills and a portfolio that enabled him to access work experience with local newspapers and the Yorkshire Post.

Ismail comments: "It was great to be back at Huddersfield New College again, even if it was over a video call. As a former student, I always enjoy seeing what the current students are up to and it's fantastic that they're still running the student publication which I myself honed my skills on. The level of engagement and calibre of questions was outstanding. I have no doubt that those who do choose to pursue a career in journalism will be successful.”

Hayley Doyle, who leads on the HNC Echo enrichment programme says: “We are very grateful to Ismail for giving up his time, and for sharing how his early experiences on the College magazine enabled him to hone his skills and grow as a writer. It was also useful to hear about how having a diversity of skills is crucial, and how the sector is growing and evolving in these digital times. Our young writers are currently writing their initial articles, and it was great for them to hear how even after many years in the profession, Ismail still finds interviewing others a little nerve-wracking!”

The HNC Echo enrichment is taking place virtually during lockdown. Any student interested in joining can email


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