Digital Games Design students at Huddersfield New College recently attended a series of specialist games design workshops with the University of Huddersfield. The sessions, led by Ian Matthews, a Games Lecturer and education consultant at the University, were designed to encourage students to think about the psychology behind computer games, those who game, and what makes a computer game “good or “bad”.
Over the course of three virtual workshops, students analysed a range of games and determined how these could be improved, considering things such as design, playability, aesthetics and expectations. In the final session, students were asked to present their findings, discussing the flaws of their chosen game and how the game could be improved.
There was also an opportunity for students to explore the possible progression routes into the Games Design industry and how the university could support those ambitions. 
Gillian Kelly, course leader for Digital Games, said “These fantastic workshops in partnership with the University of Huddersfield really encouraged our students to think deeply about the psychology behind games design, and how each element of a game must be considered to ensure that it provides a good experience for the gamer. This directly links with the modules that our BTEC Digital Games students undertake and these workshops have really helped to underpin the fundamentals of good games design. Thank you to Ian for delivering these sessions and for inspiring the game designers of the future”.
If you’re interested in finding out more about our  Digital Games course, you can watch our lesson taster here.

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