Huddersfield New College has revealed that Equality and Diversity Week 2 will take places from Monday 22nd March until Friday 29th March.

Although students are given ongoing opportunities to recognize and celebrate their own differences, and those of others, these special weeks provide a focus on the importance of living in a society where discrimination is not tolerated, and help students to learn more about the forms discrimination can take.

HNC has been named the Number 1 Organisation in the UK for Equality & Diversity for four years running. Our themed weeks are a celebration of this, providing a focus and a way for students to take a look at different elements of what it means to live in an equal and diverse society, whilst understanding the role they have to play in ensuring we live in a world free from discrimination of any kind. The themed days are below, but you can also check out our short video here.

  • Monday 22nd March – Kick it Out day. HNC Sport students are joining 'Kick it Out' in a Q&A  and sharing more about how as a College we are tackling racism in sport. Students can send their questions for this to
  • Tuesday 23rd March  - join us to explore #GenerationEquality' views and submit a response to the Government’s consultation on  tackling Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Submissions to this can be made here
  • Wednesday 24th March Hidden conditions
    Today we will explore the topic of stammering. Students are encouraged to check out the BBC documentary  'I Can't Say my Name' here. We will also hear from 10 year old Elias, our youngest Diversity Week Advisor, who will share his tips about talking to a child with a stammer
  • Thursday 25th March  - Hidden conditions
    Join us for a live Q&A via MS Teams with Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. We will be joined by Jenny, and her Hearing Dog, Xander who will be sharing more about how her Hearing Dog helps her, and answering questions
  • Friday 26th March – Hidden conditions
    We’ll be exploring how around 1 in every 200 children and young people under the age of 18 are affected by this condition, and how to support those with this.

Live sessions will be recorded and be available on catch-up.

Erika Montgomery Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion comments: “Our approach to Equality and Diversity is a daily part of life at HNC and is of course key to our warm, welcoming and inclusive College community. However, our focus weeks give us a real opportunity to celebrate this approach and help everyone to explore just some of our differences in a more detailed way. We are looking forward to an action packed week and would like to thank our guests supporting our live sessions. These are a fantastic opportunity not only to find out more, but also ask questions! Our Diversity Weeks are always really popular and inspiring, and we are looking forward to another successful week.”


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