Huddersfield New College is proud to announce that a student at the College has been selected to have her work published in a special Young Writers anthology. 

Stephanie, a second year student at the College submitted an original poem to ‘Imagine’, a national competition from Young Writers, titled ‘A Boat is Courage’. 
Samantha Daley, HNC Literacy Champion, comments, “creating a piece of original writing is an excellent way to develop literacy skills and vocabulary, and helps our students to prepare for their next steps beyond College. Providing a creative outlet has been one of the ways in which we have supported our students this past year during a challenging remote learning phase, and these opportunities have not only supported students academically, they have also been a positive way to support well-being.  I am delighted that Stephanie’s poem has been chosen to be published in this special anthology. I am sure you’ll agree with me that it is a poem worthy of publishing- you can read it below”. 
A Boat is Courage
Sometimes, it just takes one moment, 
With the smallest ship on the sea, 
Do we let it float? Do we let it be? 
A journey too far, too treacherous to reach, 
Let the world take its beat,
And when we panic to dream, 
Remember once, without that small boat, 
We would not be able to breathe, 
For water is cruel as it takes, 
Remember once we could see. 
Do not let the tide scare, 
The ocean is almost aware, 
That within the liquid hills to climb, 
Slowly this little boat will learn to glide, 
It would be a crime to stop something 
That did not want to hide,
And if this boat fails to ever so softly sail, 
To touch the ocean floor and diverge, 
When this ambition turns into a wreck, 
It is still a destination, if not death,
That this boat has conjured strength, 
To try and defeat, 
What it battles against.
Sometimes, it just takes one moment, 
To try, 
And a whole lifetime to fail, 
And gladly commemorate
In what we have already prevailed.
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