Huddersfield New College has revealed that over 300 trees have been planted around Campus as part of the College’s tree planting scheme.

HNC has a Green Group which leads the College’s Green Strategy. Whilst the pandemic has of course affected some activities, HNC has continued to encourage students and staff to understand how they can play their part in tackling the climate change crisis and lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. All staff and students are encouraged to sign the Green Pledge - a series of small, simple pledges that collectively will have a big impact. Recently, the College has been working with Colne Valley Tree Society on a tree planting scheme and last weekend a team of staff volunteers joined a team from the society to plant the first of 300 trees provided by The Woodland Trust. A few photos from the session can be viewed below.

Friends of the Earth say that just 13% of the UK’s total land area has tree cover compared to an EU average of 35% and that trees represent part of the solution to protecting the environment and achieving net zero emissions. HNC hopes that as restrictions ease, more trees can be planted and students will be able to get involved in planting.

Sarah Newton, Chair of the College Green Group: “Trees play a huge role in helping to tackle climate change as they remove harmful emissions from the air around us. Throughout the pandemic we have shared ways students can continue to live by the Green Pledge, and play their part in protecting the environment. Whilst the pandemic has dominated our lives and the headlines for the past year, climate change remains a very real issue. The Green Pledge remains a key part of College life, and we look forward to continuing to share how our community can support the environment within the current restrictions. We are delighted that phase 1 of our tree planting scheme is completed and look forward to being able to plant many more! We'd like to say a very big thank you to Colne Valley Tree Society for their help and support.”


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