Art and Design students at Huddersfield New College have recently had the opportunity to enjoy a special series of activities with the West Yorkshire Print Workshop as part of the Our Biennale festival.  

Our Biennale is a festival of arts and culture made with children and young people in Kirklees. Throughout the festival musicians, artists, theatre-makers and choreographers work with schools and colleges to enable children and young people to make their very own remarkable pieces of music, art, drama and dance. This will culminate in an outdoor exhibition at the Huddersfield Piazza in June. 

As part of this, HNC students were lucky enough to experience a series of practical print making workshops under the title the ‘Urban Wallpaper Project’. This gave students the chance to reflect on life and their experiences through the medium of print making. These hands on workshops, with a professional print maker, saw students being able to learn more about print making, and express themselves in a new and exciting medium. An informal gallery was created at HNC so students could discuss and explore their work. As the sessions were led by a professional print maker, students also had a chance to ask questions about the reality of life as a working artist from the costs of professional spaces to how to market yourself to art galleries. 

Lydia Green, Head of Art and Design says: “This was an amazing opportunity for our students. The Urban Wallpaper project enabled our young people to express their experiences of life and the pandemic through the medium of print, under the direction of a successful print making artist. The activity really brought the students together as they worked towards a collective aim. They talked about their visual aims for each piece very honestly, discussing the individual success of certain elements with Sam, the workshop leader, which helped them to see how as a professional artist they would collaborative. The final pieces are wonderful, and our students enjoyed the opportunity to express themselves through a new and challenging medium. I would like to thank Sam and the Our Biennale project for this wonderful opportunity. Our students also loved being able to gain an insight into Sam’s professional career.  I can’t wait until their work is hopefully exhibited in the Piazza, Huddersfield in June!”

One student shared in their feedback: “I really enjoyed having the chance to work with Sam. I felt it was so beneficial to work alongside a proper artist printmaker because I didn't really know that much about professional printmaking before this project. Sam talked to us about her working routine and it made me more aware of the different aspects to her week. I thought the wallpaper activity was really fun as we got to work in groups with other students - we really had to collaborate and make joint decisions on the work.”

You can view a gallery of work and the workshops below. 

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