Huddersfield New College’s Study Centre is today hosting a special ceremony where a range of awards will be presented to students who have excelled during their time at HNC.
The Study Centre offers a wide range of learning support to students across HNC and this tailored to each individual student's need. This can be as diverse as help for students who speak English as a second language, one to one support in lessons and access arrangements in exams to working with students with medical conditions or disabilities. The Study Centre works closely with students and families to ensure that there are no barriers to success.
Today’s awards recognise the achievement of students who have worked with the Study Centre during their time at HNC. This afternoon students will be welcomed to the red carpet event to be presented with their awards. Parents/carers and the wider HNC community will be joining virtually, and be able to be part of a ‘live wall’.
Chris Madej, Senior Director of Additional Learning Support says: “Our Study Centre provides a wide range of support to students. However, any support we provide is designed to ensure our students excel and whilst making sure that there are no barriers to their learning at HNC or their future success. We are so very proud of the achievements of our young people, and today’s awards recognise students who have gone above and beyond to achieve more during their time with us. I am very much looking forward to the welcoming everyone to the ceremony and marking the end of a chapter and the start of a new one for our award winners!"
Our award winners are listed below – you can view our photo gallery below!
Study Centre Ethos Award – Benjamin Fox
Kristian Holgate Award– Mia Pickering
Janet Lorriman Award – Lily Walsh
Engagement with Learning – Ibrahim Mulla
Most improved attitude to learning - Nimrah Imran
Most conscientious student – Phoebe Suthers
Independence Award – Ushna Niaz
Resilience Award – Fariha Ahmed
Contribution to the College and wider community  – Maisie Burnand-Martin
Student of the Year – Freya Tyndall
ESOL Award: Konrad Zmuda-Trzebiatowski 
ESOL Award: Oliwia Zmuda-Trzebiatowska 

Study Centre Awards 2021

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