Huddersfield New College has revealed that today is a day filled with Gold Medals for the Class of 2021.

It has been a very challenging two years leading up to this A Level results day, and so a celebration of these Gold Medal performances is richly deserved.

Together the Class of 2021 achieved a fabulous 100%  pass rate for A Level and 99% pass rate for BTEC, with 77% of these grades being the much coveted high grades (A*-B or equivalent), placing the College in the top Colleges nationally for student progress on Advanced Level qualifications. An impressive 89% of all students secured A* - C grades in their A Levels, whilst in BTECs 93% celebrated A* - C (equivalent).

Angela Williams OBE comments: “The resilience of our Class of 2021 in the face of a global pandemic has been awe-inspiring, and I am incredibly proud of how our Class of 2021 has remained focused on their future ambitions, and has worked hard to achieve these ambitions. It is this grit and determination to succeed in the face of unprecedented adversity that explains these outstanding results. Results which truly represent a Gold Medal performance, and we very much look forward to celebrating them with our Class of 2021 and their families at our Celebration Evening in Huddersfield Town Hall in December.”

Below we have detailed just a few of the Gold Medal stories from our Class of 2021,  who also wanted to share with you a few words about their experience at Huddersfield New College.

Class of 2021

Ziden Ramage

A* A* A* A*
Destination: The University of Oxford to study History

Studied A Level Drama & Theatre Studies, English Language and Literature, History and WJEC Criminology. “My teachers helped me to hone my academics skills and knowledge, and encouraged me to aim high and apply to Oxford University. They supported me through the daunting application process and they gave me the confidence to succeed - I am so grateful for this support. It has been a very strange and unique couple of academic years, but I have loved the accepting, welcoming and forward-thinking College environment.”

Isaac Latham

A* A A
Destination: The University of Cambridge to study History

Studied A Level History, English Language and Literature and Law. "The atmosphere in College is always positive, which really helped me develop personally, and grow a more positive mindset, one where I was ready to learn. I love the diverse and inclusive nature of the College, and how the College works hard to give people who might need a little push the same chance as others to aim high and to go far. College life has enabled me to prepare for university through the more independent approach to learning, in addition to helping me form new friendships."

Philippa Tarr

A* A* A
Destination: University of St Andrews to study Mathematics

Studied A Level English Language & Literature, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. “All of my teachers were helpful and very supportive of my application to higher education. The Aspire programme in particular helped me to decide which universities I wanted to apply to, and helped me to prepare for application to these universities, even down to mock interviews.”

Mudaber Ahmed

Destination: The University of Huddersfield to study Games Development

Studied BTEC Level 3 Games Design. “HNC is an amazing place to learn. The teachers are wonderful, and my course gave me an opportunity to learn lots of new and exciting things, whilst also giving me a firm foundation for the study of Games Development at The University of Huddersfield.”

Meda Bausyte

A* A* A*
Destination: University of Leeds to study Economics and Japanese

Studied A Level Economics, English Language & Literature & Film Studies. “Despite the turbulence of the last two academic years , the College approached our learning with positivity, as well as provided immense support. The very structured learning environment made me feel more confident and the support offered prevented me from feeling overwhelmed with the course content or afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.”

Hafsa Rafiq

Destination: Hull York Medical School to study Medicine

Studied A Level Psychology, Biology and Chemistry. “I have enjoyed so many extra curricular opportunities at the College including the Aspire Programme, the Extended Project Qualification, the Reach for Excellence Programme, the Nuffield Future Researchers Programme and access to the HE+ Consortium led by the University of Cambridge. All of these opportunities helped me to secure a place to study Medicine at university!"

Phoebe Suthers

A* A* A*
Destination: The University of Loughborough to study Psychology

Studied A Level Biology, Psychology and Physical Education. “The support is excellent. Teachers are determined to help students reach their full potential in College and achieve their goals. I have so many amazing memories at HNC, which will stay with me forever.”

Oliver Caton

Destination: University of Sheffield to study Meng Aerospace Engineering

Studied A Level Physics, Physical Education and Mathematics. "Huddersfield New College offers everyone the opportunity to thrive and to realise their potential. There is something for everyone at the College to help them to become part of the College community. I have loved my College experience!”

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