Huddersfield New College has started the new academic year by celebrating the news that HNC has been reaccredited for the Leaders in Diversity award. This reflects how the College community celebrates and lives by all aspects of FREDIE – Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement. 

Following a comprehensive assessment by the National Centre for Diversity, HNC has been awarded the Leaders in Diversity Award for the period 2021 – 23. This reflects how the principles of FREDIE are seen in all aspects of College life, and how students join a community where their own uniqueness is valued, whilst giving them opportunities to explore and celebrate the differences of others too. Achieving the award not only reflects how HNC works to eliminate all forms of inequality or discrimination, but also how everyone is given the chance to celebrate and explore the positives of living in a diverse world. 

On a national level HNC is in the top three organisations in the UK for Equality and Diversity, and also holds a range of other awards including the Disability Confident Leader kitemark. As part of the reassessment process the entire College community were surveyed. The report highlights the value of this approach to students and staff. One student wrote “we are treated equally and fairly, allowing us all to feel comfortable and confident so we are able to build relationships with others” whilst another shared how “staff treat all students equally; we are treated with fairness and kindness.”

Erika Montgomery, Director of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement: “We are delighted to start the new academic year with the news that we have received the Leaders in Diversity award. This reflects how the principles of FREDIE are a golden thread that run through HNC, and that the values of fairness, respect, equality, inclusion and engagement can be seen in all aspects of our daily life here at HNC.”

“We are all looking forward to our first upcoming Equality and Diversity week. This year we are excited to be once again able to meet our students face to face for this. We are planning a range of unique and exciting events which provide a special focus on different elements of diversity, whilst helping everyone to understand the role they have to play in ensuring we live in a world free from discrimination of any kind.”

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