October is Black History Month, the month of October is dedicated to celebrating the continued achievements and contributions of black people all around the world. Black History Month also shines the light on the action needed to tackle racism, reclaim black history and ensure that black history continues to be celebrated all year round. 

Celebrating Black History Month is a wonderful opportunity for HNC to be part of the national celebrations and events to honour the too-often unheralded accomplishments of Black people in every area of endeavour throughout our history. As one of the top organisations in the UK for Equality and Diversity, the month is also a valuable way to support our large and inclusive community to celebrate their own unique differences and those of others.  

Throughout the month of October, HNC has a special programme of events and activities taking place which include: 
•    A ‘Black History quiz’ for all students and staff. The quiz focuses on a number of pioneers in industry, as well as hidden figures from throughout history, raising awareness of the huge difference members of the black community play, and continue to play in our society  
•    Representatives from Operation Black Vote will be coming in to College as part of our Parliament week and Black History Month to deliver workshops with students to support them to use the power of their vote  
•    Detective Chief Inspector Tanya Wilkins from West Yorkshire Police will be visiting HNC to share her own inspiring story and work within the Police  
•    Every day students will be able to experience displays and opportunities to celebrate historical and current black figures from literature, TV, film and music. Our positivity playlist, played at the start of our weekly staff briefing, has also featured music from a range of black artists  


Erika Montgomery, Director Equality, Diversity and Inclusion comments: “Black History Month is a key date in our Equality and Diversity calendar, and we are proud to be providing a range of opportunities for students to learn more about why Black History Month is a key month, developing their understanding of its importance and helping them celebrate the contributions of black people everywhere. As a College, we work to ensure our young people not only value their own unique differences, but are able to value and celebrate the differences of others too through meaningful and accessible events, activities and opportunities.”

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