Huddersfield New College has revealed that students are currently voting for the College’s new Charity of the Year for 2021-22. 

Every 18 months students are invited to use their voice and cast their vote and have their say in choosing the organisation that the whole College community will collectively support through fundraising and other activities. The shortlist is developed by HNC’s Student Leadership group and this year includes Simon on the Streets, Young Minds, Mermaids, Centre Point, Ruddi’s Retreat, RASAC, DASH, The Welcome Centre and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Each of these charities has a direct relevance to our College values, and to our staff and students. 

The charity with the most number of votes will become our nominated Charity of the Year, and students and staff will host a range of dedicated fundraising events. HNC works to support students to understand and live by British Values – this includes understanding how by using their vote and their voice, students can have an impact on the world around them. Ahead of Local Democracy Week, the vote for our new chosen charity will develop students’ understanding of how their vote can count. 

Erika Montgomery, Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion comments: “We have an incredible shortlist of nine charities, all of whom do amazing work that often has a direct impact on the lives of our students and staff and our wider community. However, by selecting one charity we can all make small contributions to, collectively we can make a huge difference. Choosing our Charity of the Year is always a democratic decision, decided by a whole College vote. This week students will be exploring more about each of these valuable charities, and deciding which should receive their vote – every vote will count! Linked to this, we have a range of exciting events planned for Local Democracy Week, and this charity project has been an ideal way to open conversations with our young people about how active participation in democracy – both politically and non-politically – can help shape the society we live in.”

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