Huddersfield New College has started 2022 by revealing the winners of the recent Carbon Footprint competition. The College is also encouraging students to take inspiration from the current Veganuary campaign and try out some new recipes when enjoying a meat free day per week.

All students at HNC are invited to play their part in tackling climate change by signing the College’s Green Pledge. This has a focus on how if we all take small, manageable steps we can collectively have a huge impact on climate change. As part of the pledge, students and staff commit to avoiding single use plastics, recycling more, having a meat free day per week, becoming a more conscious consumer and walking, cycling and car sharing where possible. 

Just before the Christmas break students were invited to calculate their own carbon footprint using the WWF calculator, and share one way they will work to reduce it in 2022. All students who did so were placed into a draw to win a reusable Chilly water bottle which were given out at the end of term. Our winners were revealed as Laura K, Adam K, Mariam G, Jessica McG and Huzaifah J – some of the winners are pictured above with their prizes. Students shared a wide range of ways they’d be reducing their carbon footprint in 2022, ranging from walking and recycling more, avoiding fast fashion and investing in clothes from sites such as Deepop and purchasing locally produced produce. 

As becoming a greener College community is a long term objective, HNC will be hosting regular events as part of the drive to become a greener College in 2022, including extending our tree planting scheme. 

As part of this students in our Aspire tutorial sessions have also been exploring Veganuary, and how reducing meat consumption can support them to lead a greener lifestyle. 

Sarah Newton, Chair of the College’s Green Group comments: “The HNC Green Pledge is about encouraging everyone to take small, manageable steps to help tackle the climate change crisis. As a College we’ve taken a number of steps since the pledge was launched ranging from planting over 300 trees, ensuring more of our waste is recycled and implementing energy saving measures.”

“Whilst of course becoming vegan or vegetarian will not be for everyone, even just having one meat free day a week can make a huge difference. Animal agriculture accounts for 37% of emissions. If everyone in the UK had one meat free day per week, it is estimated emissions would reduce by 8% - the equivalent of taking 16 million cars off the road. There's some great recipes out there, and some fantastic plant based options and we hope that our staff and students will try a meat free recipe out this month. We believe that as a 3000 strong community if we make some small lifestyle adjustments we can have a big impact. We look forward to sharing more about how we will be continue to be working towards being a greener HNC in 2022!” 

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