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Huddersfield New College has published the online gallery of artwork created in response to the SFCA’s ‘Planet Future’ exhibition brief, and revealed the three pieces which will now be showcased in the national SFCA exhibition next month. 

As part of our enrichment programme students from across College are encouraged to get creative, and the SFCA’s annual exhibition is an opportunity for our young people to express their views through an artistic medium. This year’s theme was ‘Planet Future’, and the brief invited students to create a piece of artwork reflecting upon key environmental issues, and how the world is changing. 

This year saw students studying a wide range of subjects submit an entry, and a gallery illustrating just a few of their pieces can be found below. Principal Marcus Smith-Connor has selected the three which will now go forward to be featured in the SFCA’s national exhibition in June. These three pieces are shown on the top row of our gallery and were produced by (L-R) Lorna Haddan, Sonny McNamara and Mabel Lamper. As our internal winners, these three students will receive an Amazon voucher alongside seeing their work go forward to the exhibition.

The SFCA Annual Exhibition features work from students across the country, and this prestigious collection attracts national media attention, and interest from specialist galleries. 

Marcus Smith-Connor, Principal comments: “Students at Huddersfield New College enjoy an enriching experience, with many opportunities to try new things and explore different possibilities. The SFCA Art Exhibition is a great example of this, and this year taking part has given us a fantastic opportunity to link to our ongoing drive to become a greener College. All of our students at HNC are asked to support the HNC Green Pledge, which shares a number of small, simple lifestyles changes which if we all do collectively, will genuinely help to change the world.”

“I really enjoyed judging these entries, and seeing just some of the ideas our students have for a greener future. From their reflections on the current climate change crisis and what needs to be done, to their sustainable building and fashion concepts, our young people have ideas and ambitions that have the potential to be world changing. The standard of work submitted for this exhibition is amazing, and choosing just three was a real challenge!”

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