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First year A Level Psychology students at Huddersfield New College recently enjoyed a two-day trip to London where they enjoyed a range of fun visits and activities which gave them a deeper understanding of the subject.


The trip began with a visit to the Science Museum, where a number of the exhibitions linked closely with the Biopsychology unit that the students will be studying next year, which covers topics such as MRI scans and post-mortems.


On the second day, the students enjoyed a visit to the Clink Prison Museum, where they explored the history of this notorious 12th century prison. This visit even included a look at ancient torture devices used at the time.


This was followed by a Clinical Hypnosis workshop which explored phobias. As part of this activity, the students were taught relaxation techniques used in hypnosis for people suffering from arachnophobia. These techniques were particularly effective on some students who actually fell asleep (as intended). One student even volunteered to be hypnotised.


In addition to these psychology-related activities, the students also enjoyed a visit to the West End where they watched Wicked the musical, as well as exploring tourist hotspot Covent Garden.


Neyha Iqbal, Teacher of Psychology said: “The Psychology department’s trip to London was a fantastic opportunity for the students to enhance their learning in a brand-new environment. The students were able to participate in activities that made clear links to the fundamental concepts we study in the classroom.


“The arachnophobia hypnosis session was an exciting way for the students to learn about some new treatments for phobias covered in the Psychopathology unit. We went to a number of museums – one of which was the Science Museum which allowed them to learn about the origins of the MRI scan and other brain imaging techniques covered in the Biopsychology unit. And we finished the trip off with a sensational visit to the West End to watch Wicked the Musical!


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