Huddersfield New College (HNC) has revealed that students on our XL programme have recently enjoyed a visit from a current University of Cambridge student to help them perfect their preparation for the competitive Oxbridge application and interview process. 

As part of our XL programme students receive specialist support, advice and information to support them to secure places at Oxbridge and other world leading universities.  Applying to these types of universities is of course a highly competitive and challenging process, and our students receive a range of support, including one to one advice sessions, from specialists in our Aspire team. 

Last week a group of students who are aspiring to secure a place at Oxbridge enjoyed a talk from current University of Cambridge student Evelyn Surman. She joined students to share advice on perfecting personal statements, preparing and excelling at interview and gave an insight into the types of enrichment opportunities available and revealed more about the financial support on offer. 

HNC’s Oxbridge applicants receive a rigorous package of support which includes mentoring, mock interviews and practice for the formal entrance exam. 

Catherine Cushnie, Assistant Principal comments: “Competition for places at Oxbridge and other world class universities is notoriously fierce and our XL programme empowers our students with the tools, knowledge and experiences needed to succeed. This of course not only means they secure their life-changing qualifications, but also their place at a world class university. The visit from Evelyn was a fantastic experience for our students, who made the very most of the opportunity to ask a current student all about her real-life experiences, and ask detailed questions about the additional tests and marked work which many Oxbridge applications require. We’d like to thank Evelyn for her time, and we look forward to offering students many more unique and inspiring opportunities during their HNC journey that ultimately will ensure that they can secure their future ambitions.”

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