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Today we’re continuing to shine a spotlight on enrichment at HNC. Young Enterprise is just one of the cross College enrichments available to students, and sees them learning how to set up and run a real business, and eventually take part in the national Young Enterprise competition. 

Our current Young Enterprise group is called ‘Little by Little’. Their eco-friendly business is designed to help consumers enjoy an eco-friendlier lifestyle. The group are currently working on their product, a reusable bag which contains details of local environmentally friendly businesses and lifestyle tips. 

The group is being supported by an external mentor, Mike Hall, from Think Smart Marketing . Mike has been working with the group to help them plan out a sustainable business model, and look at how their concept will be taken from planning to launch. Students undertaking Young Enterprise gain valuable employability skills, and a real insight into the world of business. Mike has recently posted a short video sharing more about how the experience has stretched and challenged the group on his LinkedIn page here

The group is made up of Ahmed Ibrar, William Tumber, Jasmine Dawson-Spragg, Haseeba Imann, Lucy Beckwith, Callum Theabould and Ellie Lunn. Little by Little is in its infancy, but the team are hoping to be ready to carry out some market research and introduce their product at a forthcoming HNC Open Event. 

Matthew Kuszyk, Teacher of Business and Young Enterprise lead comments: “The team have come up with an amazing business concept and I am really proud of how they have been resilient in the face of challenges, whilst remaining creative and motivated. As a College working to be greener and committed to tackling climate change, we are delighted that the group has decided on such an innovative and current product. Although they are still at an early stage, the group are working really hard to get ready for the launch of their product. Mike, their external mentor, has been an incredible support in helping our young people to understand how their idea will work in a real-life business situation. The group have learnt so much, and I am excited to see their idea come to fruition, and their products going on sale!”


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