Students who are part of HNC’s XL programme have recently enjoyed a fascinating lecture about Astro-Sociology where they were invited to join the debate about whether life exists beyond Earth. 

Astro-Sociology is a relatively new field which explores human society in a space faring age, along with looking at philosophical deductions about extra-terrestrial societies and what evidence might exist if other forms of life are out there and if it would ever be possible to contact them. 

Delivered by Dan O’Keefe, a teacher of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics, XL students were able to hear about what evidence seems to exist, Drake’s equation, the great filler and the Dark Forest Theory. After hearing about the arguments for and against, students were asked to debate if we would ever be contacted and indeed, if we should attempt to make contact with other potential life forms ourselves. 

HNC’s XL programme offers a unique package of support, experiences and opportunities that help students to enhance their applications to the most competitive universities, and build their cultural capital. As part of this students are able to join a range of guest lecturers on some fascinating topics. 

Catherine Cushnie, Assistant Principal comments: “This was an incredibly fascinating lecture which encouraged students to ask themselves if they believed if there is life beyond Earth, and explore some of the key theories around this. Our lecture series is designed to enlighten our students, and help them to explore and debate the world around them. Dan’s lecture had students thinking and talking long after it ended – particularly around his personal view that we are unlikely to receive purposeful communication from another galaxy, but he cannot rule out that there really is life out there! We would like to thank Dan for joining us and delivering such a stimulating lecture.” 

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