HNC has revealed that Dr Guy Sutton recently joined our A Level Psychology students to deliver an enlightening lecture about how the brain influences and drives behaviour. This fascinating session also shared more about how different developmental abnormalities and brain damage can change our personality and behaviours.

Dr Sutton’s specialises in the genetics of neural development and brain function, and the interactive nature of biological, genetic and behavioural factors in disease processes. He has previously lectured at a range of universities, and most recently was an Honorary (Consultant) Assistant Professor in the Division of Psychiatry at University of Nottingham. 

He has lectured in neuroscience and genetics to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate students, including medics, biologists and psychologists and continues to run advanced neuroanatomy days at universities around the UK. He has conducted research projects and data analysis for various organisations, including the Department of Health and the Medical Research Council.

Dr Sutton joined our students to deliver an enlightening lecture about brain structure, and share more about how different areas of the brain shape who we are. This included an insight into how experiences such as PTSD and short term stress can affect us, and a look at how different brain developmental abnormalities in the womb can determine our behaviours. 

Theory was brought to life with an interactive live brain dissection, enabling students to take a close up look at the two hemispheres and the meninges and learn more about how damage to these can cause dramatic behavioural changes. You can view a gallery of images from the day below. 

Tracey Holland, Teacher of Psychology comments: “Psychology is an incredibly enlightening subject and Dr Sutton’s lecture was a chance to explore higher level content about neuropsychology and learn more about how sometimes individuals are unable to control their behaviour, which raised some interesting ethical questions. Our students loved this guest lecture which not only extended their knowledge but also enriched their course experience. The brain dissection was particularly fascinating, and this exciting experience helped our students to understand more about the opportunities available to them in this field.”

In Year 11? You can find out more about both A Level and Applied Psychology at our final Open Event of the year on Thursday 1st December (5.30pm - 8.30pm, last entry 8pm). You can also take a look at our video lesson tasters – click here to be taken these now

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