HNC A Level Mathematics students have enjoyed an enriching year so far, taking part in a number of opportunities designed to expand their mathematical knowledge. This year’s A Level students have taken part in a number of national challenges, stretching and challenging their knowledge beyond the classroom.

A Level Maths students had the opportunity to sit the UKMT Senior Maths challenge, a highly academic exam designed to discover some of the UK’s best young mathematical minds. This year, Musa Sahin achieved a gold certificate and successfully progressed to the next round of the challenge to compete against other successful candidates. A team of A Level Mathematics students also took part in the University of Southampton’s ‘Cipher Challenge’, an annual national competition which sees teams of young people compete in a variety of ‘missions’. This year’s event was based on a mystery vault, with only a scrap of paper containing 9 mysterious characters, and students were tasked with decoding the note through a variety of mathematical problems which needed to be solved to crack the code.

As well as the opportunity to stretch and challenge themselves through extra-curricular opportunities, A Level Mathematics students recently visited the University of Huddersfield, taking part in a range of workshops aimed at inspiring our students to consider Mathematics as an undergraduate degree programme. Students worked with the University’s Mathematics department on concepts such as 'the Mathematics of Brewing Coffee’ and ‘Quantifying Happiness’, as well as exploring opportunities to study Mathematics beyond HNC.

Tom Beddard, Teacher of Mathematics, comments “Studying Mathematics at HNC is an enriching and enlightening experience. Student’s skills and knowledge will not only be grown in the classroom, it will be built upon through a variety of exciting and fascinating enrichment opportunities such as the Cipher Challenge. These opportunities not only help our students to build on their academic skills, they also build on their strategic and logical thinking skills, essential for those who are aiming to progress to Mathematics based degrees. Our trip to the University of Huddersfield showcased how Mathematics underpins the world around us, and gave our A Level students a useful insight into the subject beyond A Level”.

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