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As we welcome back our students for the new academic year, HNC is sharing some of the unique and inspirational experiences on offer to our students. Over the summer holidays, a group of students from the College travelled to Hluhluwe in South Africa, for a life-changing experience which saw the group undertake vital work in a local wildlife rehabilitation centre and primary school, and experience life in rural South Africa.


During the ten day trip students stayed at the Albizia Camp. A camp inspired by nature, it is situated on a private game reserve with far reaching views across the western countryside and hills of Hluhluwe. From their base in the South African ‘bush‘ they explored the local area, enjoying a range of safari experiences and learning more about the local Zulu culture and wider life in rural South Africa.


The group worked with the local wildlife rehabilitation centre, CROW (Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation), to re-build and repair sections of the animal shelters and discover more about the vital work the Centre undertakes. Students on the trip also had the opportunity to work with local primary children, finding out more about their lives and educational journeys in South Africa, taking part in English lessons and sharing more about their lives here in the UK.


Throughout the trip, students had the opportunity to explore the vast and incredible scenery surrounding Hluhluwe, enjoying hikes with local guides and discovering more about indigenous animals and insects, and learning about the geography of the land. Students also had the opportunity to set up camera traps to further observe the wildlife in their natural habitats. Further afield from camp, the group spent the day on a ‘big game’ safari which saw students experience the awesome sight of elephants, rhinos, zebras, buffalo, giraffes in the wild – they were also lucky enough to spot a cheetah, an incredibly rare experience as these wild cats are famously shy!


Highlights of the trip for both staff and students included holding a baby crocodile, a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience elephants close up at a local sanctuary, taking part in a river cruise on the Lucia estuary, where the team observed hippos and learnt more from their guides about their behaviours and habitats, and a hands-on, live dissection in the field of an Impala.


This once in a lifetime trip was organised by Lucinda Pang, Teacher of A Level Biology. “What an incredible experience our visit to South Africa was. I can’t really put into words how much this trip meant to our students – it genuinely was a life-changing experience that I know will have a lasting impact. The opportunity to work in the field and discover more about a culture so far removed from our lives in the UK was not only fascinating, it has really encouraged the group to see the world from a new perspective. The knowledge gained from this trip will continue to boost their learning in the classroom at HNC and beyond”.


A gallery of images from this special trip can be found below.


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South Africa

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