by Evangeline Holland and Ryan Hutton

One of these community services is the National Citizen Service (shortened to NCS), our college has had several outstanding young people who deserve to be recognised for all that they have done, these students are: Brayde Chanel Simpson, Carine Ngabire, Tia Hanley, Kieron Reece Sherwood Davis, Judith Mbuyi, Phuong Phan, Kae Evison, Daniyaal Hussain and Natash Sikhosana.

Here at Huddersfield New College, NCS is run by Lorraine Globe, Head of English and Cross College Leader, who seemed very optimistic when we met with her and the students who were taking part in NCS. From New College there are several students taking part in the service, as well as a few more from colleges based around Kirklees. In order to take part in the activities and the NCS, the students had to sign up in the college’s ‘Street’ area: “It was around college, it was this guy stood in the street literally shouting at us, telling us to sign up” said Kieron jokingly, one of the students taking part. Up until recently, the students have received support and co-ordination from a mentor. However, now that they’ve bonded through a team building trip to Wales, their mentor has left them to organise activities and their meetings to raise money alone, leaving them communicating over Facebook and texting. This is all in order to win the competition to raise the most money for the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust and the British Heart Foundation by December 15th.

It appears the most exciting element of taking part in the NCS service was the four day, free residential trip to Wales, in which the students bonded closely with each other. During their comical week away, the “gold-diggers” team, as they dubbed themselves, took part in numerous outdoor team building activities. Upon asking the students what they did in Wales, many smiles developed on their faces and they answered excitedly with: “Caving, 3G swing, Jacob’s ladder, night line, fencing, the power climb, rock climbing, dancing… that wasn’t even on the activity list, we just put it in,” Kieron answered, followed by many giggles and laughs from his comrades. They were all filled with excitement until a minor down point added by Kieron who said that “Frisbee golf was boring”, at which point their smiles temporarily faded.

Now that they’ve had their fun in Wales and got to know one another, they have to put their team building skills to the test: over the duration of the past few weeks and in the following weeks to come it’s time to get serious and down to hard work, planning and carrying out their ideas of how they will raise money for the charities they have chosen. This will have a huge amount of impact on their futures, as they will win multiple awards for the amount of hours they’ve dedicated to the community, and will have learnt a large variety of skills that they can put on their C.V. These include a few unexpected skills that you might not automatically consider when helping charities, like wise investment skills. The group were given £300 at the beginning to use on raising money for charity, which hopefully they will exceed, so it is clear to see why wise investment skills are important in order to market their fund raising effectively. On top of this, they have required a few unrecorded qualities, such as self-confidence. “I’ve gained a lot of confidence from it,” Carine stated proudly when telling us what she’d got out of it. Not only will their services for the NCS benefit them though, but it will obviously benefit the charities that they have chosen to donate their funds too and more importantly all those receiving the money from the charities.

December 15th is nearly here, and after many Saturdays of meeting up from 10am to 4pm it is clear that the students have put an enormous amount of effort into raising this money. However, this entire project is also a friendly competition as well as a way to help the community and raise money for their charities, leaving the doorway open to a large audience of people who could partake in their huge fund-raising day, in which a fancy dress inter-college dodge ball competition will take place, as well as many other fund raising activities. The winners of the competition will get to play the team who will all be dressed as superheroes, and will be appropriately called ‘The Superheroes.’ Kieron told us that, “Me and Jack are promoting it by putting up posters around the several colleges, including our own”. Assuring us that the day will be promoted to a large audience (the students, along with their families), and that there would be a good turnout.

Whether they win ‘the big prize’ – which is unknown to them and us, or not, one thing is certain, and that’s that many people will benefit from the service of these outstanding individuals, who deserve to be recognised for their effort and hearts.

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