by Scott Goodacre

The students each took on the role of a country in the UN and spent the morning reaching resolutions to real-life problems plaguing countries across the world.

Michal Orpiszewski (Montenegro), Phillip Buck (Libya), Junaid Patel (Vietnam), Ryan Mottershead (Iceland), Hannah Townsend (Canada), Sara Wallace (Afghanistan), Holly Dale (Mongolia), Oliver Normanton (Finland), Luke Thewlis (Liechtenstein), Lauren Greehy (Rwanda), Bethan Hudson (Croatia), Eloise Watson (Chile) and Kelly Garlick (Belgium) spent the day in groups with representatives from other sixth form colleges in NorVic.

Glyn Barker and Rob Walker were also on hand from the college to facilitate groups and guide the debates.

After a tour of the university’s impressive campus lead by their brilliant student ambassadors, the serious issue of presenting resolutions began.

Once each of the 11 groups had presented their case, students had the chance to quiz the teams on their resolutions before a vote was taken whether or not to pass the items.