by Paul Edge, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Many interesting events were organised for the group: they went to the Oceanographic museum (a vast aquarium complex) in Valencia, they visited the historic centre of Valencia, and they were very lucky to be there while the biggest festival in Valencia – the Fallas – was taking place. The Fallas comes from an old custom of burning unwanted wood in the streets and cleansing the house of spirits (our tradition is a good spring clean!). This medieval custom has now transformed and can be seen, heard and smelled every day in the main square at 2pm when the deafening firework display begins.

Our students also attended Spanish lessons, ate Paella (when in Rome…) and even managed to get in some shopping.

The students have returned more confident in their speaking skills and more motivated for their Spanish studies. They also made potential life-long friends and have even made more plans to meet up in the holidays.

All in all – a complete success! We look forward to the return visit to Huddersfield in June.