by Scott Goodacre

Nick Bodrolic, Christian Drinkall, Jack Hemblys, Megan Knight, Chris Morgan, Hannah Rayner, Skye Redfearn, Daniella Ritson, Liam Rose, Louis Taithe, Crystal Taylor and Andrew Torkornoro all gave up their time to watch 13 films back-to-back in order to raise money for the department’s Oscars night later this year.

Fuelled by pizza and Pringles, the students were also joined by teaching staff from the department who also suggested films for the group to watch.

Among some of the films chosen were Almost Famous, The Third Man, Dazed & Confused, The Town, Stand By Me and Burn After Reading – all selected by a random film picker created by Media technician Simon Brass.

For some – mainly the teaching staff – the task proved too arduous and they were literally caught napping at certain points during the night.