by Scott Goodacre

Science student Usmaan Saleem, pictured above, has been nominated by the head of English Lorraine Globe, who said: “Despite his demanding academic programme Usmaan still finds time to volunteer at the Central Youth Club in Springwood three or four nights a week and he has done so for the past two years.

“Usmaan acts as role model and confidante to the children and teenagers who attend the club.

“He helps students with their academic work and tries to motivate them to do well in education. He organises activities such as pool, snooker and table-tennis tournaments and enjoys coaching football skills.

“Usmaan is proud of the youth club, often cleaning and tidying it as he sees it as his responsibility to make it a welcoming and pleasant environment.

“Usmaan has also enjoyed working with disabled children. Last summer he volunteered to work at Longley School in Huddersfield where he spent two weeks working with autistic children. Usmaan found this a challenging but very rewarding experience.

“He was assigned to a child and spent the time encouraging him to take part in activities and sports. Even though he was fasting during the month of Ramadan, Usmaan spent the two weeks running around, setting up cricket, football and swimming activities. Usmaan is going to volunteer to work with autistic children again this summer.”

You can read Usmaan’s full nomination on the Huddersfield Examiner website.